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 Zz guides you how to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Retreat

Health Assessment

Zz is a unique weight loss retreat program. The typical length of stay is 2 weeks. Our mission is to help you lose weight safely and to prepare you to keep it off. Upon your arrival, zz professional staff will review your medical history, physical condition, medication, and perform a dietary analysis.  We will monitor your health while at our facility and develop your weight loss plans.   You will meet our professional staff often for personal consultation, and to track fitness and weight loss.

Fitness Assessment

for Exercise Plan

Our fitness team conducts fitness assessments to evaluate your physical fitness level and to develop your weight loss exercise plans. We measure your body baseline weight, body fat, and flexibility.


Weight Loss Diet Plan

Food & Nutrition

Zz has a diet plans that are designed to help rapid weight loss. Our weight loss diet plans are based on changing the way you eat so that weight is controlled naturally.  Our dietitian-led nutritionists’ help you develop different ways to approach food and guide you towards healthy eating of natural and nutritious food.  Zz goal is to help you learn how to diet for weight loss, choosing healthy food, and the proper approach to this food lead to natural weight loss.


Detox Food Addiction

Behavior Therapy

Overeating and food addiction are common causes of uncontrolled weight gain. Though the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach, we show you how to beat emotional eating; guide you in identifying the real issues that cause you to struggle with your weight.  We help you detox for food addiction and remove negative influences that drag you down.

During zz program our professional team will present you with strategies and methodologies to overcome food addiction and emotional obstacles to weight loss. 


Exercise Plan for Weight Loss


The zz program accepts incoming clients' fitness levels. Our zz program is designed to suit each individual. It is our goal to help you to get on the zz journey and to enjoy movement while you lose weight.  You get tools with zz so that together we can build your own exercise plan. The end result is an enjoyable customized workout plan. This workout plan is aimed at improving cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and muscle strength.  Zz's workout plans designed to maintain weight loss.  Zz  here to help you keeping healthy weight for life. 

Asian Way to Lose Weight

Alternative Medicine

Zz opens the door to the mystery of Eastern (oriental) medical approaches to weight control.  You will be introduced to a different way to lose weight via oriental medicine.  Asian herbal medicine has been practiced for centuries. In recent years, alternative medicine has been gaining attention and acceptance in the western world.

Our zz Asian alternative approach focuses on the whole person, mind, body, and spirit. 

Fast Lose Weight Peacefully

Inner Peace

Having to struggle with your weight can be stressful.  With zz, you enjoy the ancient oriental way to achieve inner peace. Inner peace is a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace, with enough knowledge and understanding to keep strong in the face of discord or stress.

 The zz program has eastern ancient cultural & spiritual roots.  The eastern approach to inner peace is both taught and practiced during the retreat.  Being able to get to a state of peace is important to losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. Your mind is magnificent.  It is time to let the zz to help you lose weight peacefully.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis is a state of inner conscious and concentration in the trance.  Zz weight loss hypnosis helps you shed an extra few pounds when it's part of a weight loss plan. Our qualified clinical hypnosis practitioners use this therapy during the retreat.  Hypnotherapy is used in conjunction with the other zz weight control therapies.


Results may vary due to individual factors

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